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Estimates GPS value for each observation using normal or kernel approaches.


  gps_density = "normal",
  sl_lib = c("SL.xgboost"),



A data frame of observed continuous exposure variable and observed covariates variable. Also includes id column for future references.


A formula specifying the relationship between the exposure variable and the covariates. For example, w ~ I(cf1^2) + cf2.


Model type which is used for estimating GPS value, including normal (default) and kernel.


A vector of prediction algorithms to be used by the SuperLearner packageg.


Additional arguments passed to the model.


The function returns a S3 object. Including the following:

  • .data : id, exposure_var, gps, e_gps_pred, e_gps_std_pred, w_resid

  • params: Including the following fields:

    • gps_mx (min and max of gps)

    • w_mx (min and max of w).

    • .formula

    • gps_density

    • sl_lib

    • fcall (function call)


# \donttest{
m_d <- generate_syn_data(sample_size = 100)
data_with_gps <- estimate_gps(.data = m_d,
                              .formula = w ~ cf1 + cf2 + cf3 + cf4 + cf5 + cf6,
                              gps_density = "normal",
                              sl_lib = c("SL.xgboost")
# }